2hp Chaff Cutter Cum Pulveriser

Is it accurate to say that you are searching for a multipurpose machine that can cut and granulate materials? – Then, our Chaff cutter cum pulverizer is all you need. This chaff slicing machine is intended to be likewise utilized as a pulverizer to granulate the scrounge with its reliable and high force. They are profoundly effective and its low force utilization engine assists you with working a low voltage. Our machines are planned and made to give the ranchers inconvenience free and enduring machines worked with the crude materials with the quality at its best.

Buy a electric operated chaff cutter machine cum pulverizer with 2 hp motor at the best price. Our chaff cutter cum pulverizer it can be used for various type of grains and millet.


Motor Operated



No of Blades

2 Fixer Blades+16 Rotating Blades

Output Capacity

1.Chaff -250kg 2.Pulveriser-50kg

Feeding type

Gravity feed

Feeding Materials

Rice,Wheat,Maize,Turmeric,Chilli& other grains

No of Screens

8 nos

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